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Four tips from doctors to strengthen the immune system


Help your immune system!
We cannot ignore the fact that coronavirus is the main topic of conversation right now. Just watch the news, open Facebook, or just chat with a neighbor, and you will be faced with the topic of a pandemic again. In any case, let's hope that we can prevent more people from getting sick, for example, by strengthening our immune system.

Back to basics
"Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for strengthening your immune system," says Dr. Shannon Sovndal from PureWow. "It really comes down to the essentials: What your parents and grandparents taught you. Eat healthy food, get enough sleep, avoid stress as much as possible, do not touch your mouth and nose, and wash your hands! "Dr. Mehmet Oz agrees, saying," Get enough sleep! "

Choose the right food.
They say you are what you eat. And of course, we all know that junk food doesn't make a person healthy. What do you need to eat to support the immune system? Dr. Raphael Kellman offers a list:

Non-starchy vegetables
Lean protein
Organic eggs
Organic poultry
Natural probiotics like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, fermented vegetables, unsweetened Greek yogurt.
Natural probiotics like artichoke, jicama, garlic, asparagus.

Avoid processed foods
"Processed foods are low in nutrients, but they fill us up in ways that can replace nutritious foods that support the immune system," says Dr. Joan Ifland. Despite her realism, she notes that people sometimes crave this type of food. "If it happens from time to time, it's okay. However, when this happens frequently, the immune system is not receiving enough nutrients, and the body can no longer function well enough to fight off viruses. "

Don't take too many supplements.
Dr. Sovndal warns people about dietary supplements. "Many people have supplements at home, but they haven't been proven to actually help (if you're eating unhealthy foods)," she says. Dr. Purvi Parikh agrees. "No supplement has been shown to boost your immune system." Therefore, do not take nutritional supplements as a substitute for a healthy diet.

Can You Really Boost Your Immune System?
Dr. Mehmet Oz would like to make a brief comment on strengthening the immune system. According to him, the term is often misunderstood. "Someone's immune system develops early in life. You are starting with the immunity that the mother gives the baby in the last trimester of pregnancy and which is later passed on to the baby through breastfeeding. The body then learns to fight disease," said Mehmet Oz. You can't make your immune system stronger than it already is, but the tips in this article are little things you can do to make your immune system stronger. "

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